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Solid Royal
The Acoustic Solid Royal is our state of the art model and represents the culmination of our development to date. A separately located motor isolates the platter from any motor induced vibration. The 70mm thick high-mass platter acts as a very effective flywheel to smooth out any residual cogging from the motor drive. The combination of an acrylic sheet and natural leather in the platter mat provides excellent damping of vibrations within the record. The platter rotates on a high-precision bearing of our own design and manufacture, essentially providing a “zero tolerance” fit. The bearing housing is mounted onto an 80mm thick aluminum chassis, which acts as a very efficient vibration sink. Provision for three tone arm bases is provided to allow the maximum flexibility in system configuration.
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Specifications :
Turntable Platter : 70mm of massive aluminum made from one block and in one process.
Tonearm : WTB211 arm with standard 1/M DIN to RCA cable (included)
Cartridge : Ortofon SPU Royal N Moving Coil (included)
Motor : 24V Berger Synchronic motor with M4 micro controller & PSU
Drive : string-drive in separate housing
Mat : Genuine leather royal blue mat and a 5mm acrylic layered plate
Feet : Three individually adjustable feet decoupled by Teflon® discs
Base : 80 mm thick aluminum body; it can accept up to 3 tonearms
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 17.3" x 9.5" x 17.3"
Weight : around 110 Lbs
Options :
Tonearm & Cartridge : Available with your choice of an Acoustic Solid WTB tonearm, JELCO SA-750DB or the Tri-Planar VII uII
(or order the turntable with only a pre-drilled tonearm blade)
Finishes :
Color options :

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